Copywriting services

Website copy

Creating a new website? Need content for an old one? Want to edit existing web copy? I can help with all sorts of web writing, from content flow and setting tone of voice to creating engaging and informative content from scratch.  I can help with keywords and metatags for SEO too.

Web content -

features & blogs

Creating imaginative, informative and above all useful content on the web can raise brand awareness, establish brand values and ultimately boost sales.  Regular blog posts or one-off online features will help you to tell your story, and is an easy way to demonstrate expertise and authority in a particular field.  I can help with web content ideas, and then write them for you.


Need a new approach to newsletters? If you're looking for engaging copy, I can create newsletter content that will stand a very good chance of actually being read. From an in-house publication that keeps your staff up to date, to original content for a consumer-focused publication, I've written a lot of newsletters in my time, so I know what works and what doesn't. 

Slogans & branding

Need help developing a brand? Trying to sum up a brand or product in only a few words is harder than you might think.  Less is more as they say.  I can help you develop your brand name or slogan to reflect your company values and appeal to your clients or customers.  A good brand will help give you the edge over your competition.

Brochure copy

If you're looking to make an impact with a brochure, then the way it is written needs to be considered carefully along with the design.  I have extensive experience of producing print brochures, working closely with designers to ensure the visual and written elements complement each other.  If you're after cracking brochure copy, look no further.

Case studies

Case studies are a great way of demonstrating how your service or product has had positive real-life impact.  I can help put these together by suggesting initial ideas, interviewing clients and then writing an engaging human-interest story that puts your service or product in the best possible light.

Email marketing

Need an eye-catching, well-worded email to send out to your mailing list?  Most marketing emails end up deleted before they're even opened, so you literally have seconds to grab the readers' attention.  I can create email copy that stands out and helps you actually connect with your target audience.

Leaflets & flyers

With leaflets and flyers you often have limited space for copy, so every word counts.  It's about deciding on the key message and not cluttering things too much, but ensuring all the right information is included.  Succinct, to-the-point copy is needed - my speciality.

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