Why me?

I have over 20 years of copywriting experience, which means I've done almost every type of project you can think of.

You’ll find me easy to work with.

I’ll help you focus on what you need to achieve.  Whether it’s winning a hundred new orders, selling tickets for a pantomime or inspiring your employees, the copy I write always has a clear objective.

I'll take the time to understand your business and establish exactly who your clients and customers are.

​ I’m good at stepping into other people’s shoes and seeing things from the reader point of view.  Understanding the reader is the only way to engage them and inspire them to take action.

I can help you find the appropriate tone of voice.  Trustworthy? Serious? Playful? Irreverent?  Which one suits your business brand?

 I'll be completely up front with you about how much something will cost.  If it's going over budget, there'll be no last-minute surprises.

Why do you need a professional copywriter?

Anyone can write.  In the same way that anyone can take a photo. But you'd still want a professional photographer at your wedding wouldn't you?

You might be able to write something that sounds OK, but does it do the job it's meant to do?  Does it flow?  Does it make the reader take action? 

Will it generate sales?

You only have one chance to make a good impression, especially on the web. 

Let me help you make it a good one.

See what my clients say...