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MFP Wealth Management Web copy.png

Web copy, case studies & tone of voice

A financial planning company needed help to develop strong messaging for their new website, which was aimed at wealthy people who were planning to retire.  I worked closely with them to create compelling copy that directly addressed the concerns of their target audience and avoided the financial jargon often used on financial services websites.  The tone and content of the finished copy really set them apart from their competitors, presenting them as warm, helpful and experienced advisors that clients could genuinely trust.  Case studies were also created to tell strong client stories and help readers really understand the benefits of the advice they offered.


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Kinherit Website.jpg

Web copy, brochures, emails, editorial, explainers...

Kinerit are a law firm specialising in Wills & Trusts. They combine high end advice with technology, to give their customers better Wills and to reduce the stress of probate for families.   They needed help across the board, from web copy, brochures and editorial features, to the email templates used as part of their sales process (sales saw a significant increase after the email templates went live). I helped them figure out stronger messages to explain the complexity of what they do, and still work regularly with them on a wide range of projects.


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White Grove Consulting web copy.png

Web copy & tone of voice (including design)

A consultancy offering high-level leadership development programmes needed web copy that spoke to the (mainly female) HR Directors of international financial services companies.  It was important to present White Grove as warm and easy to work with, as the business is built entirely on strong client relationships.  I worked closely with their director, Charlotte, to really understand their offer and focused on Charlotte's biography as she is the main point of contact.  By showcasing her strengths and experience with real honesty, it helped them stand out from their more corporate, faceless competitors and presented them as more appealing to work with.

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Red Bike Tours Website 2.png

Web copy & brand name

Red Bike Tours is a start-up company that offers guided bike tours around central London.  I was involved very early on, and was asked to come up with a name (which led to the bikes becoming red).  The name was inspired by the idea that red is a very tourist London colour (think postboxes, the Queen’s Guards and red buses) and it also ensured we could include the phrase ‘bike tours’ in the web address (good for google!).  I then wrote the copy, keeping the tone of voice personal and friendly, to reflect the nature of the tours themselves. 

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Venture web copy.png

Web copy & tone of voice


Venture Accounting needed web copy to promote their accountancy services to stressed-out business owners who needed more support to run and grow their companies.  I took the time to fully understand what the business could offer these clients and then used this to write copy that addressed their pain points (fire fighting, lack of holidays, long hours etc) rather than promoting individual accounting services. The result was to present Venture as dynamic, helpful and more client-focused than their competitors.  

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Fullers brand for web.jpg
Fullers Branding for web.JPG

Brand slogan, brochures, leaflets, adverts

Fullers Group Ltd

Fullers Group (a New Zealand cruise company based in Auckland) needed a new approach to their tourism marketing.  I developed their brand slogan 'We'll take you there' and worked closely with designers to produce copy for a whole range of leaflets, brochures, posters and radio adverts to promote their cruises and tours.  The end results were effective and boosted sales, especially online.

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LPL Brochures for web.jpg



LPL is the  marketing tourism agency for the city of Leicester and county of Leicestershire.  I produced all the copy for its tourism guides over several years, which covered everything from history and culture to shopping and entertainment.  They included individual visitor guides on specific towns, to larger brochures covering the whole county.  The collection of guides was available in tourist information centres and visitor attractions across the region

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Sky Arts logo.png
Sky logo.jpg

Concept & invitations for launch event 

Sky Arts (NZ)

SKY New Zealand requried a copywriter to help them develop a concept for the high profile launch party for their new Arts Channel. I came up with the idea that each person attending the launch would have a preferred area of the arts (e.g. music lover, art critic, bookworm etc) and worked with designers to create visual and written profiles of each arts type, which were used on invitations and display material at the launch.   Each guest had to choose an arts genre on arrival and were then assigned a badge to encourage conversation and discussion of the arts during the evening.

Summer in the city for web.jpg

Magazine feature articles

Summer/Christmas in the City

I was the editor of Summer/Christmas in the City, which was a bi-annual consumer magazine for the city of Leicester to promote shopping, events, attractions and places to eat out.  The range of articles written over the years included features on the National Space Centre, guides to Christmas entertainment, insider tips on the best places to shop, restaurant reviews and articles on up and coming events that were planned.

Connexions flyer for web.jpg

Leaflet & tone of voice


Connexions is an advice service for 13-19 year olds, offering support with everything from jobs and careers to issues with drugs, money and relationships.   I produced the copy for flyers and posters, which needed to engage in a straightforward way with young people without being patronising.  They were distributed via schools and youth services across Leicestershire.

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